International Gnostic Movement

Gnosis – Authenticity


“To do good wherever we can, to love liberty above all things, and never to deny truth though it be at the throne itself.”

Ludwig van Beethoven

The MGI pays homage to Master Samael Aun Weor for having unveiled Gnosis in our time, and recognizes him as one of the great Messengers, called Avatars in Sanskrit.

In the history of humanity, the coming of such a Master or Avatar is always followed by the appearance of a growing number of groups and subgroups, each with its own understanding and interpretation of the original message, each with its own way of living it.

Although some groups strive to remain faithful to the original Teachings of these Avatars, others make changes, sometimes considerable ones, to the theory and practice. These groups continue to publicly use the name of the Master in question, and even present their affiliates with the basics of the original teaching, only to gradually introduce their own interpretations and changes, convinced that they are improvements.

Moreover, within these groups there often appear people who claim to be enlightened masters themselves, when in reality they are not. Sometimes these people even claim to have surpassed the initial Master… even going so far as to call themselves Avatars.

In such a complex context, we must say:

  1. Peace and brotherhood among the members of all groups. Students, teachers, leaders… we are all brothers and sisters of the same human family.
  2. Because of our great respect for our neighbour and for the timeless Message common to all Avatars and unveiled by Master Samael Aun Weor, we are compelled to say that we do not recognize any of these so-called masters, and we consider it our duty not to add or remove anything from the original teachings of Master Samael.
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