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Gnosis – Practice and Schools

Practice and Schools

“You cannot even conceive a shadow of what man is capable of attaining. But nothing can be attained in sleep.”

George Gurdjieff

The Divine made flesh

In the quest to experience the reality behind the mysteries of creation, since the dawn of time men and women have sought to deploy the almost unlimited capacities of body and mind.

Despite promising recent discoveries, these astonishing capacities remain little known to modern science.

The sacred writings of the ancient peoples of the Earth are full of marvelous accounts: mystical levitations, miraculous apparitions, inexplicable phenomena, transcendental revelations…

Nowadays, authentic paranormal phenomena are well known and even studied by groups of avant-garde researchers: astral projection, conscious dreaming, the powers of meditation, sacred sexuality, intuition, clairvoyance, supraconsciousness…

These amazing faculties, however grandiose, were never the ultimate goal of ancient Knowledge. Rather, they were the consequences of a much greater and more important quest: the regeneration and spiritual elevation of the individual, the Intimate Autorealization of the Being.


When an individual succeeds in purifying the inhuman elements that inhabit his psyche—the psychological defects—he gradually incarnates that which is most divine in himself—the Being—and consequently develops astounding faculties. This process belongs to a superior science, the application of which is a meticulous art that unites practical philosophy with mystical experience.

Whether it be through the ancient monasteries, esoteric groups, religious orders, schools of meditation and yoga, etc., all the great cultures have suggested concrete methods, specific practices skillfully laid out by awakened Masters, in order to put into activity the powers of the body, of nature and of the cosmos. This consists of a chemistry and even an alchemy that puts into activity the transcendental powers within us and around us. Thus, the lead of the personality is transformed into the gold of the spirit… as the old saying goes.

Gnosis transmits all the pieces of ancient Wisdom; it is a teaching of regeneration and global awakening. Gnosis is an art of living and a science of the Being.


The pyramids from around the world, the splendid Hindu, Greek, Buddhist, Sufi, Aztec, Mayan temples, the ancient cathedrals, the sanctuaries in nature… in all these places, Gnosis was taught, wisely instructing the devotees of all the ages.

In the Middle Ages, the orders and brotherhoods of the Templars, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Kabbalists, Alchemists, Samurai, etc., were some of the schools that carried the torch of this Initiatic Knowledge.

And of course, the more recent schools of Theosophy, Fourth Way, Taoism, Vipassana… have also preserved pieces of universal Gnosis. We repeat: Gnosis honors, explains, completes and unifies them, provided that their teachings are authentic.

Human dignity, through the revalorization and revelation of the ancient Universal Wisdom: this is our objective.

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