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Gnosis – Religions and Mysticism

Religions and Mysticism

“The Wisdom-Religion was ever one, and being the last word of possible human knowledge, it was, therefore, carefully preserved… among Initiates of every country; among profound seekers of truth – their disciples.”

Helena Blavatsky

Religion: from Latin “Religare,”  to reconnect…


Since the dawn of antiquity, human beings have sought the Divine within themselves, within nature, and within the cosmos, for they have always felt that there is something more to life, something that deserves their wonder… and even their devotion.

Thus, great religions were born, generally as a result of the coming of exceptional beings who left their mark on humanity. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Fu-Hsi… Unique books were written, marvelous temples were constructed, places of peace and prayer.

The great Egyptian hierophants, Greek philosophers, Native American shamans, Hindu mystics, Christian saints, Asian sages, African animists, Zoroastrian magi, Nordic druids… so many remarkable beings, so many temples and sanctuaries where the echo of their wisdom still resounds to this day.


Peace and fraternity to the members of all communities… Because tolerance and love are the heart of the universal message of the Guides of humanity. Each religion is a pearl on the necklace of the Creator.

Gnosis does not seek to “convert” anyone. It seeks to unite all beings of pure and noble heart, by teaching what is common to the great religions and permitting each individual to deepen their own religion, to go further on their own path, revealing what has been hidden…

The Synthesis

Thanks to Gnosis, the lost Word has been found:

  • The Cosmic Christ and Sacred Sexuality: the synthesis of all religions.
  • The Christified masters of all cultures (led by Jesus).
  • The intrinsic duality of the human being: the Being and the ego, Sacred and egoic individuality.
  • Superior entities: angels, archangels, gods, devas, Jinn, Elohim, spirits…
  • The Supreme Creator: God, Allah, Brahman, the Father in secret, Aelohim, the One, and his divine feminine counterpart, Mary, Isis, Kwan-yin, Shakti, or whatever her name may be.
  • Charity, compassion… Love: humanity is one big family.

The Bible, the Dhammapada, the Koran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Torah, the Zend Avesta, the Tao Te Ching, the I-Ching, the Popol-Vuh, etc., are unparalleled writings, full of splendor and wisdom, which allow one to live a life filled with spiritual beauty. And yet, they are written in a symbolic language that is impossible to fully decipher without the universal principles of Gnosis.

Gnosis is a natural functioning of Consciousness: the ancient Wisdom resonates in the depths of each person’s Being. Let there be light!

The Inner Circle

At their source, the great religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism…) were comprised of a very vast, profound and initiatic doctrine: genesis, the fall of humanity, the flood, powers that divinize, life after death, the sexual mysteries, the Cosmic Christ, the descent into hell and the ascent/return to the heavens or eons, the dimensions of nature, the divine hierarchies between creature and Creator…

Gnosis, the Inner circle of the great religions, has always secretly transmitted the redeeming Knowledge to its adepts.

Now, Gnosis openly unveils what was previously hidden from the eyes of the public. Our intention is to save this revolutionary Teaching from the shipwreck of the centuries, a priceless inheritance for generations to come.

We invite those who thirst for spirituality and mysticism, devotees of all religions, schools, philosophies, yogas, to come and drink at the fountain of timeless and eternal Gnosis.

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